Skilled Representation In A Broad Range Of Personal Injury Cases

Sustaining an injury, whether at work or elsewhere, can have serious personal and financial ramifications. As a result, you may lose the ability to work, or accumulate a significant amount of medical bills.

At Rose Grasch Camenisch Mains PLLC, we understand the consequences of a personal injury, and the difficulty that can come from ever-accruing bills and endless insurance claims.

With significant experience in resolving claims, as well as in litigation, our attorneys have assisted clients throughout the legal process involving personal injuries. In particular, we have represented clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents and cases involving premises liability, to name a few.

Representation Across Kentucky

Our attorneys have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases involving serious injuries, both simple and complex, including:

  • Medical malpractice actions
  • Product liability cases
  • Nursing home litigation
  • Wrongful death

Attorney Albert F. Grasch, Jr. is well recognized in our state for his role in several groundbreaking cases, including being responsible for obtaining one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Central Kentucky. In addition, he has represented veterans across the state in important cases involving the interpretation of the applicability of the Veteran's Judicial Review Act as it applies to medical malpractice actions.

Experienced, Trusted Attorneys

Our attorneys have significant trial experience, representing clients in a dedicated, aggressive manner. If you believe your situation may benefit from the assistance of our seasoned lawyers, contact our Lexington office. Call us at 859-721-2100 or complete our contact form to discuss your case in further detail.