Complete Business Representation And Advice

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a budding small-business owner, or you are seeking to expand your business by taking an existing one to the next level, staging a business launch in the appropriate way can help mitigate risk and place you in the position to succeed. The attorneys of Rose Grasch Camenisch Mains PLLC have assisted businesses across Kentucky with sensible, actionable start-up advice.

Decades Of Experience Across A Variety Of Industries

Our attorneys assist business owners with all the legal aspects of formation, including:

  • Guidance on selecting the appropriate business entity. We take into consideration personal liability, as well as tax exposure and other important factors to determine whether your business will be best served by forming as a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership or another type of entity.
  • Assistance in navigating the transactional forms of developing a business. In particular, we conduct the necessary diligence for completing the government filings and foundational documents and agreements.
  • Executing contracts with employees and third parties, including drafting employment agreements.
  • Managing the purchase and leasing of commercial real estate, and assisting with obtaining capital raises, if necessary.
  • Addressing legal compliance and regulatory or licensing issues.

Your Business Planning Questions Answered

Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds in all aspects of business formation and the legal intricacies of running a successful business. With experience in all aspects of business transactions, we can anticipate potential obstacles and develop appropriate strategies to overcome them. Our varied team provides comprehensive assistance, from corporate planning to intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

Protect Your Interests

To discuss any aspect of your business formation with one of our lawyers, contact our Lexington, Kentucky, office at 859-721-2100 or complete our contact form.